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Children listen carefully to a conversation between an adult and a child. Children then colour in objects in the picture using the colour they hear in the conversation. Call KET at to order, or order online.

She lived there with her family 28 ………… thirteen years. If you need help in a particular area, work on those learning activities. Children have to follow the instructions given in the recording.

Your English friend Danni doesn't know anything about the party tomorrow. It aims to demonstrate that a student has reached a level of English expected of some in business or someone studying at university — undergraduate level.

A2 Key and A2 Key for Schools both have the same exam format e. The exam is split into 3 components: Highlight parts of the texts or dialogues where this happens so students know they need to listen or read for the meaning rather than exact words.

Flyers[ edit ] Cambridge English: You'd like to use it. What is the word for each one. Key KET for Schools. You will receive a separate score for each of the three skills reading and writing, listening and speaking These scores are averaged to give you an overall result for the exam There are three Pass grades: Flyers[ edit ] Paper 1.

Children complete the sentences about the story using one, two, three or four words. Children answer a few warm up questions to get them used to interacting with an animated character. Where the computer-based test differs is the speaking paper — in the computer-based Speaking test, children respond to audio and visual prompts, rather than to an examiner.

Successful candidates receive a certificate awarded by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, which is recognized by universities and employers throughout the world. Show students how the questions use paraphrasing — they say the same things as the texts but use different words.

Then the child asks similar questions about the other picture. Part 2 tests listening for numbers and spelling. For example, schools need to enter children when the children are ready, which could be at any time in the year.

Reading and Writing, sample 1, part 4 Read the article about a young man and woman who lost a ring. They will get useful information which will help them understand what the text is about or understand who the speakers are and what they are talking about.

You are expected to be able to show understanding of gist, main points, detail, text structure or specific information, deduce meaning or recognise opinion and attitude. Pass with Distinction For outstanding candidates who have occasionally demonstrated their English language skills passed Level A2 on the CEFR and scored on the exam.

This involved further consultation with test centres, teachers and examiners. I'm going to visit your town next week. But they think the one the fish ate is the best one.

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Children also have to draw and colour a simple object somewhere on the big picture. The system can automatically mark the KET Reading and Listening papers and Writing Parts 6–8. Information for teachers about online KET practice tests from english for more information about the KET exam, and why it might benefit you.

KET: Reading and Writing, sample 1, part 4 Read the article about a young man and woman who lost a ring. Are sentences 'right' or 'wrong'? If there isn't enough information, choose the.

KET Reading and Writing test Posted by. Ket reading and writing practice 1. Test 1 PAPER 1 READING AND WRITING (1 hour 10 minutes) PART 1 QUESTIONS 1–5 Which notice (A–H) says this (1–5)? For questions 1–5, mark the correct letter A–H on the answer sheet.

EXAMPLE ANSWER 0 We work fast. H. Paper Name Timing Content Test Focus Paper 1 Reading/Writing 1 hour 30 minutes Reading Five parts test a range of reading Four main skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking are recognised, and each of these is assessed in a test component PET HANDBOOK.

Practice test. contents Paper 1 Reading and Writing 3 Paper 2 Listening 16 Paper 3 Speaking test 21 Answer Key and recording scripts 22 Speaking test Examiner’s script 29 Visual materials for the Speaking test 31 Acknowledgements Paper 1 Reading and Writing Key.

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